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  • WED 13 MAY @ 7:15PM
  • THU 14 MAY @ 8:15PM
  • FRI 15 MAY @ 8:15PM
  • SAT 16 MAY @ 8:15PM
  • SUN 17 MAY @ 7:15PM

Mode: GA Cabaret Seating

Bookings call: 02 9550 3666


  • WED/SUN - 7:15PM
  • THU - SAT - 8:15PM


  • WED/THU/SUN - $30.00
  • FRI/SAT - $32.00


EVENT CANCELLED - Please note that due to the COVID19 pandemic, this show has been cancelled. All patrons will receive an email with further details and a full refund onto their card of purchase.

Still reeling from being called ‘ma’am’ while purchasing a packet of hot Cheetos and a Maxibon at the local convenience store, I was reminded that I had to come up with a title and blurb for this year’s show. ‘Urgh it truly is hard being a woman in comedy’ I thought, sucking the Cheetos dust off my ring finger and thumb. Anyway, I wrote most of these jokes in my head whilst sitting at the pub being lectured to about data mining by a guy with stick 'n' poke tattoo and bad breath. I think it’s a good show, please don’t come if your favourite comedian is Stephen Fry or if you quote-tweet things with ‘let this sink in’. I’m a stupid bitch and I’ve never pretended to be otherwise.

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